“Hate This Mirror” – audio only

I still need to edit the video but here’s the audio-only version on SoundCloud. I’ll probably delete this post once the video is up.

[edit]  I’m not deleting the post but I’m warning you that the SoundCloud link will not be absolutely permanent.

Someone asked me who are the other vocalists on this recording.  It’s all me, folks.


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New Music Project

I’m going to try to upload at least one original song to YouTube every week.  These might be brand new songs or they might be new recordings of my old songs.

Here’s the first one:


The YouTube playlist for these is here.

If you’re willing and able to offer some financial support for this effort, anything you can spare would be most gratefully received.

An evening at the river

Sylvia and I spent part of the evening at the point at ‘Ksan, the confluence of two great rivers, the Bulkley and Skeena..  We brought along Meeka as well as the granddaughter and her friend.  And a camera.

The first image is that inevitable photo of Stekyoden.  I don’t tire of its beauty.

Here’s a blurb about the second.  When the river is high, it pushes these rocks around like grains of sand. When it goes down again, it leaves these formations that look very much like somebody spent a lot of time arranging them. But, no, it was just the river currents.

The third shows three friends enjoying cooling waters on a hot day.

Stekyoden, 2014 08 01
Stekyoden, 2014 08 01
Current-arranged stones, 2014 08 01
Current-arranged stones, 2014 08 01
Three friends cooling off
Three friends cooling off







Our Flawed Brains

That there are still significant audiences for those who promote obvious nonsense – from creationists like Ken Ham and Ray Comfort to anti-vaccination lunatics like Jenny McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or proponents of crazy political notions (take your pick)  – is testament to the fact that the human brain is a product of evolution and that evolution does not necessarily produce optimal solutions. That, is the human brain has significant weaknesses.

Scientific methods of investigation have been specifically designed to compensate for the shortcomings of our brains but they are not able to compensate for the fact that some people choose to trust bullshit more than they trust science.

It comes down to values: reason or faith?  Pick one.

AiG’s Statement of Faith

This is old hat to those of us who have been trying to address young earth creationism for some years but those who have more recently become interested in the subject might find it useful.

Ken Ham‘s Answers In Genesis organization has a Statement of Faith.   All who are involved with that organization, whether as staff or as volunteers, including Ham’s pet scientists, are required to agree to this statement.

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Dr. Oz and Applied Kinesiology

The Dr. Oz episode* in which he endorses applied kinesiology (not to be confused with kinesiology, which is a legitimate study) to diagnose allergies was re-run again today. Oz appeared to completely buy into it, even though he says he has no idea how it works.

Well, if he consulted with a knowledgeable skeptic or even did a simple internet search, Oz would learn that it’s got a lot to do with the ideomotor effect. He could also quite easily discover that applied kinesiology has been subjected to proper scientific testing and has been found to be no better at diagnosing allergies than random guessing.

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The Lying Dr. Oz

A friend of mine recently suggested that, if one is going to criticize Dr. Oz where he is wrong, one should also praise him where he is right.

No.  Oz is lying to people.  His education and intelligence are such that he cannot use ignorance as an excuse.  He is lying to people and he surely must know what he is doing.  His defence is that he is trying to give people hope.  False hope.  That is, he is lying to people.