Oh, the beautiful Bible

When people go on social media and post nice, comforting quotations from the Bible, it always makes me wonder what they do with all the nasty, genocidal, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, anti-human shit that’s in that stupid book.

“I’ll pray for you.”

Recently, I saw this image on Facebook, a quotation attributed to stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress, and I shared it with the heading, “LOL!”:

Hannibal Buress on prayer
Hannibal Buress on prayer

It actually did make me laugh out loud, hence the heading.  One person, who is a Christian of some sort (a rather liberal sort, as far as I can tell) and is both a “Facebook friend” and an IRL friend, posted this comment:

What if the person is your mother…. bet you do not put her down…;o)

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The Praying Wallendas

Well, Nik Wallenda successfully completed his wire walk across Niagara Falls.  He admitted to feeling like a “jackass” for wearing the safety harness, which ABC reportedly required him to wear as part of the broadcast contract.  He accomplished the crossing by his own will, painstakingly-honed skill, and strength. I think it’s unfortunate that he needed to fool himself into thinking that the non-existent “God” had something to do with it.

If you don’t like your beliefs…

Some years ago, I came up with a line that achieved some notoriety among atheists online: “People who don’t like their beliefs being laughed at shouldn’t have such funny beliefs.” It’s most often attributed to Anonymous but it’s mine.

It occurs to me that this is just as valid, if not more so: “If you don’t like your beliefs being despised, you shouldn’t have such despicable beliefs.” If you believe that your “holy book” is literally and completely true, especially if you adhere to one of the abrahamic faiths, then I’m looking at you.

Caleb Nii Addy Pure-Golden

This stuff happens a lot.  Sometimes I just ignore it; sometimes it pisses me off.

There’s a Facebook group called Atheism United and, sometimes, it’s a target for people who hold to the silly position that the Bible, as they’ve been taught to understand it, is literally true and, possibly for reasons that have to do with not wanting anyone to go to Hell if it can be avoided, or, equally possibly, because they think they gain some kind of reward or status, in this world or the “next”, by “witnessing” to unbelievers, they seem to be compelled to try to push their belief onto those who don’t already share it.  And where better to find unbelievers than a group called Atheism United?

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“Islamophobia: We need to accept the ‘other’”

From time to time, I post comments on news articles on The Globe and Mail news site.  The G&M lets people rate comments with a simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.  My comments generally tend not to be rated very highly but, for some reason, I recently got the most highly-rated comment on a particular story.  The article is titled, “Islamophobia: We need to accept the ‘other’“.

The comment I posted is as follows:

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Stephen Fry on the character of gods

This man is such a wonderful speaker.

Harvard Humanists Stephen Fry 2 22 2011 Chapter 5

“The Greeks instinctively understood that, if there were gods, if there were supreme beings, it follows as the night the day that they are capricious, willful, mean, childish, and inconsistent. That is true whether it’s a slew of gods on Olympus or it’s one monolithic god in a notional numinous nowhere such as monotheists believe.

“There is no possible way that anybody could examine this universe and say that, if there is a god, he’s entirely good and charming. We only have to say, “bone cancer in children” to ask who the hell this god thinks he is and what he thinks he’s doing.

“There’s a whole branch of futile theology devoted to justifying the ways of god to man. It’s known as theodicy and to read it is to read a comic strip. You can’t justify some of the horrors that happen but you can if you if you imagine that, were there a god, he is, as I say, capricious, mean, malicious, and appalling.”

– Stephen Fry, in his acceptance speech on receiving the 2011 lifetime achievement award from the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University.

I think that pretty much covers it.

Just another “religion of peace” comment on my YouTube channel

A YouTube user named kenzaki777 posted a brilliant bit of prose as a comment on my YouTube channel yesterday.  All grammar and punctuation is in the original.

Hey you ,,

Do you think that’s right when you made a video about Muhammad ? ! Do you think you are right when you put bad picture , and bad words about Muhammad and Allah ? ,

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