Just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s good for you and just because it’s “artificial” doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.  Besides, unless you’re running around on the African savanna hunting gazelles and dodging lions, how “natural” is your life, really?

Got my flu shot

I got my 2013 flu shot about ten hours ago. I have just a bit of muscle soreness, near the injection site. No other symptoms. This is normal. If I get the flu this winter, I’ll let you know.

Edit: almost two days later and no adverse effects, which is what I expected.

Intelligence and Honesty are Not Necessarily Enough

Humans are easily fooled and we easily fool ourselves. Intelligence and integrity are not necessarily a sufficient defence against being fooled, especially when the thing that might fool you is something that you really want to believe. There are many well-meaning, very intelligent people who sincerely believe complete nonsense.
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Missing Universe Museum: sincere creationist site or parody?

h/t to Francois Tremblay

Some creationist web sites are obviously sincere.  They’re mistaken, of course, and they’re dishonest at their core but they actually mean what they say.  Then are web sites that are obviously parodies of religion.  But then there are those that leave you scratching your head.  Could anyone really be so intentionally distant from reality?  Is it a parody or is the author really as irrational and, well, stupid as he seems to be?

That’s my question about the Missing Universe Museum web site.  Is this a serious project or is it satire?  Is the author just foolin’ around?  Is this a manifestation of mental illness?  Other than religious fundamentalism, I mean.

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