Homeopathy = nonsense

Homeopathy is nonsense. There is no more scientific debate on that. The evidence is clear.

I do understand that some people have subjective experiences that lead them to believe in homeopathy. Some of these people are very smart and well educated but they need to ask themselves why it is that, whenever homeopathy is tested by methods that eliminate personal (subjective) bias, it utterly fails. Every time!

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On Sam Harris on the Chapel Hill murders


In the audio post linked above, Sam Harris addresses the accusation that he and other ”new atheists” are somehow responsible for the Chapel Hill murders.  He points out some of the same things that I have but perhaps more eloquently.  There is nothing inherent in atheism that should lead anyone to commit such atrocities.  There are no atheist “holy books” at all and nothing in the works of any well-known “new atheist” thinkers that should reasonably be seen as promoting murder.  Atheism differs significantly from the major monotheistic religions in that respect.

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Ah, January.

Ah, January, you’re teasing us, aren’t you, with your gentle melting and the soft drip drip from our roofs. You’ll not fool me. Not this time. I know what lurks around the bend. I know what you and February have been whispering about. This time, I’ll not be taken by surprise when comes the bitter cold or the snow that threatens to stay for good. I’m wise to you, January!

Snowy twig lens flares FTW

Photos: December 29, 2014

What a beautiful crisp and clear day. I went for the usual walk and took the usual photos of the usual things.


Soharwardy: “They should take on the responsibility…”

Headline: Prominent Muslim cleric urges imams to vet new Islamic converts

URL: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/prominent-muslim-cleric-urges-imams-to-vet-new-islamic-converts-1.2067895

From the article:

 “I’m not sure who helped them to convert to Islam. Who was the imam? What kind of relationship did those people have with those people who converted them to Islam? Those very important questions need to be answered,” said Soharwardy.

“They should take on the responsibility of checking backgrounds and staying in touch and make sure this person is not being recruited by any radical organization or terrorist organizations.”

Soharwardy estimates 20 to 30 Canadians convert to Islam every week. He said it is the responsibility of clerics to make sure the converts are doing it for the right reasons.


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W5 and the Pigs

The first part of the season premiere of W5 on the CTV network this past week was pretty disturbing.  It focused on one pork plant in Alberta where pigs were subjected to some pretty bad conditions and were cruelly abused by the staff.

One of the more disturbing aspects of the exposé is that inspectors with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, who were responsible for, among other things, ensuring compliance with animal welfare legislation, sometimes actually seemed to be complicit in the abuse in the worst case and negligent in their duties in the best case.

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