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Canine Diarrhea

After having typed this information into Facebook on my phone several times in the past few months, I decided to make a little page about it. Our dog, Meeka, has a sensitive stomach. If she eats something she shouldn’t, such as excessively fatty foods, she gets diarrhea (we’re more careful now and it hasn’t happened recently). This is what I do about it.

You should consult with your own veterinarian before doing this. Diarrhea can be a symptom of life-threatening illness. I’m not an expert. I’m merely relating what has worked for us.

1. Feed your dog nothing but water for twelve hours. If your dog won’t drink at all, never mind following this procedure. It means you’ve got an emergency and should seek professional veterinary help ASAP!

2. After the twelve-hour fast, your dog’s next two meals should be a bland chicken and rice mixture. Slice up a raw, skinless, unseasoned chicken breast and put it in the pot along with the rice. The chicken will cook along with the rice and will flavour the rice to make it more palatable for your dog. Do not add salt or any other seasonings. It needs to be bland to avoid further irritation.

3. Along with the rice and chicken dish, give your dog a bit of pure canned pumpkin as an appetizer, for desert, between meal snacks, etc.. Don’t use pumpkin pie filling for this because the nutmeg and cinnamon in it may further irritate your dog’s stomach. The soluble fibre in pumpkin will help firm up the stool and, surprisingly, dogs tend to like the taste.

Don’t be alarmed if the pumpkin changes the colour of the stool. That’s normal.

This worked for my dog and my vet told me that I did the right thing. However, you should consult with your own veterinarian before following instructions provided by some random person on the Internet!

Including me. 🙂


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