General Update

I haven’t had a lot of time to post in the last little while.  Living something that approximates real life has been a full time job lately!  Our band played a couple of music festivals and I was quite involved in helping make one of those festivals run.  In addition, work has been crazy because my job is ending and there’s a lot to do to wrap things up.

I love the local festivals but I’m not so sure that it’s worth our time for Axes of Ego to play at them.  I think we’re done with the Midsummer Festival but we’ll probably try to hang in there for at least one more year with the Kispiox Valley Music Festival.  We play rock & roll and blues, a mixture of original material and covers of some of our favourite songs, and what we do doesn’t seem to be valued very highly at these events.  I mean, why else would they keep giving us such shitty time slots?

In other news, we had a spectacular thunderstorm last week.  For the most part, my dog, Meeka, ignores thunder.  That’s pretty cool.  Many dogs suffer trauma every time the gods go bowling but not Meeka.  There was one remarkable blast that shook the house and made my bottles clink together.  This was one of the very few times that thunder has visibly affected her.  There was no whining, barking, or shivering.  She was laying on the floor across the room from me but, when that exceptional boom struck, she got up, calmly walked over to me and laid down at my feet.  What a dog.

A few people who don’t post any explicitly atheistic stuff on Facebook came up to me in person recently and confided that they appreciate “that atheist stuff” that I post.  They have some pretty good reasons for not posting such things themselves but their thoughts and feelings about the subject are strong enough that they wanted to tell me about it.  Cool.  That is, it’s unfortunate that our society is still so backward that some people still feel the need to refrain from publicly referring to their non-belief but it’s gratifying that they take the time to express their appreciation in person.

One person said that he didn’t especially care whether or not any gods existed but he didn’t like religion being shoehorned into so many aspects of public life.  I introduced him to to concept of apatheism.

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