Some folks get pretty upset when it appears to them that atheists are picking on Islam.  Certain atheist authors* (and those who agree with them) are accused of “Islamophobia” and even racism (guess what: Islam is not a race).  Well, isn’t it just possible that there are good reasons for secularists to severely criticize Islam?  A phobia is an irrational fear.  Is it really irrational to see Islam as a threat?  I don’t think so.

All three abrahamic religions are burdened by “holy” books (yes, I’ve read them all) that I think any modern, compassionate, morally conscious human being would have to describe as disgusting. All of these horrible books prescribe rather nasty implementations of the death penalty for various “sins”.

It might be noted that the Qur’an doesn’t order the killing of blasphemers whereas the Bible does require that such persons be stoned to death.  However, Islam doesn’t get off quite that easily.  Sharia law does demand various penalties for blasphemy, including flogging, amputation, hanging, or beheading.

Whenever Christianity or Islam gain control of a government, evil follows. However, I suggest that Islam is inherently more inclined to seek control of governments. One can make a strong case from the New Testament that Christians ought to stay away from government. One cannot make a similar case for Muslims based on the Qur’an.  Christians are faulty humans, of course, and many of them seek to control governments anyway but my point is simply that it is more difficult for them to justify such activities on the basis of their “holy” book and that, therefore, that is possibly a moderating influence that Islam simply does not have.  In the west, of course, secularism has made significant strides and for that reason, too, the potential for Christianity to do evil is diminished.

So, what do we see around the world when we look at nations that are dominated by religious authorities?  We see a few African countries where Christian missionaries have, unfortunately, been fairly effective and, consequently, homosexuals and “witches” are in serious danger.  However, we also many more nations where Islamists have seized control. We see horrible barbarism when that happens. People are cruelly executed for “crimes” such as blasphemy or apostasy. Women and girls who’ve been raped are blamed and punished for the assaults committed against them. Women in general are not permitted the ordinary freedoms enjoyed by even the most marginalized citizen of a semi-free western nation.

But oh!, you say, those are only the extremists. Well, let me tell you about some of the disgusting things said to me by well-meaning moderate Muslims who didn’t want me killed or imprisoned but wanted to warn me so that I might escape the wrath of Allah in the “afterlife”. Without exception, they have told me that they love Muhammad (my shoe be upon him) more than they love their own spouse, siblings, or mother. How disgusting! That dead asshole is more important to them than actual living, thinking, feeling human beings. That is the foundation on which extremism can so easily be built. Those who carry that sickness might not ever become extremists but they perpetuate the seed from which that evil is ever ready to grow.

Now, I’m not saying that similar evils don’t exist in other religions, such as Christianity. They do. However, it seems pretty obvious that, today, those evils are most frequently expressed through through Islam. I assert that to deny that fact is to choose to stand in denial of reality.


* See what Sam Harris has offered in response to the lies and misrepresentations regarding his ideas about Islam: Response to Controversy : Sam Harris

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  1. Norman Hillson “I speak of Germany”, London 1937 said “..; the NAZI … that great unified people are looking for peace and see friendship with Britain as a basis for peace not only for themselves but for everyone else.”

    Those who argue Islam consistently informs terror and subjugation of women are told they “conflate the actions of a few violent Muslims”.

    Logic determines “conflate the actions of a few violent Muslims”=”conflate the actions of a few violent Nazis” .

    Where do Muslims and apologists for them think the “few violent Muslims” come from, the back of a cereal packet?

    Islamophobia simply does not exist for rational fear is not a phobia.


    If a cultural codex such as the Nazis Mein Kampf , Christian Bible, Muslim Quran, … whatever cultural codex, consistently informs within the variance of derived adherents behavior terror against Other and subjugation of woman particularly as the political power of such a construct increases then the fear of such an entity is rational on the part of Other and woman – it would be irrational to be otherwise.

    Is it the case Islam does not now or never has consistently informed terror against Other and subjugation of woman to mans will particularly when it obtains political power?

    Everyday since the seventh century empirical observation informs humanity genocidal constructs of Other lead irrevocably to terror against Other. Islamic text informs a genocidal construct against Other – the empirical proof – torn bodies each and every day.

    Just having witnessed a Muslim woman covered in black cloth being led by her master-and observing the outcomes this ethic is informing when Islam obtains sufficient political power means woman should not have a rational fear as to the consequences of Islam?

    The ethics which inform French school children being run down and shot and Thailand teachers being murdered and Church’s forced to close in Indonesia and ….. does not inform a rational fear? How many died today torn apart by Islamic codex?

    How many victims everyday since Mohammed poked his hearing voices head out of the cave?

    Islam is only a reality if Humanity allows it to be so to its own terrible detriment. Fear yes, justified yes, rational yes. How many more Muslims victims do Muslims and their apologists want? Alas they never will be.

    Islamophobia simply does not exist for rational fear is not a phobia.

    To say Islamophobia exists is irrational.

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