The Lesson of Job

The story of Job.  Go ahead and read it.  I dare you.  It’s not that long.  Here, I’ll even supply you with a convenient link by which you can read it right now, at no extra charge:  The Book of Job.

There.  Now, the point of this book is pretty clear to me.  It’s not very complicated.  You don’t need a degree in theology or even familiarity with the language of the ancient Hebrews to get it.  A merely adequate translation will do just fine.

It’s like this.  On a dare from Satan, God makes Job’s life completely miserable to see whether or not Job will turn away from his faith.  Job endures but, at the very end, he dares to complain a bit.  God answers Job’s complaint.

This is where the heavy theology comes in.  This is the point of the who thing.

Essentially, God says to Job, “I’m God and you’re not so shut the fuck up!”

There.  That’s it.  No, really, that’s what it’s about.  Might I get an honourary degree for that?


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