Eclectic Surface

Eclectic Surface

I just uploaded thirteen MP3s to SoundCloud.  The songs are original compositions from a cassette album, Eclectic Surface, which I recorded in 1987 all alone with a four-track cassette recorder in the main room of my little log cabin in Two Mile, near Hazelton, British Columbia.  In converting the songs to digital music files, I added a bit of compression and tweaked the EQ just a little.  Nothing else.

I’d written some of the songs years earlier and others were written pretty much while I was recording the album.  All vocals, instruments, and drum programming are by me.  I’m not sure what I was thinking in using so much synth.  [shrug]  It was the ’80s.  As I look back at the songs now, some of them are pretty damned good and some of them are embarrassing.  I’m sure I sing a lot better now than I did then.

When I recorded this, I was recovering from major surgery and a month of losing weight in a hospital bed so had some time on my hands – and no television.  As soon as I had enough strength for music but not yet enough to go back to my job as a lumber piler at the sawmill, I worked at this night and day.  I guess it nearly kept me sane.

I no longer had a copy of this tape but I thought Steve Kern (our bass player for Axes of Ego) might.  He thought he did but he couldn’t find it.  However, he discovered that our friend, Stan Walker, did have a copy.  So, I was able to get my hands on that and here are the songs.

The cover art says that a lyric sheet is available on request.  It isn’t.

Oh, and be warned: I was more-or-less an evangelical Christian (I no longer am, obviously) when I wrote these and that really showed up in some of the songs.

About the title: there used to be a really cool show on CBC Radio called “Eclectic Circus”, hosted by Allan McFee, and my title, obviously, is a play on that.

Here’s a link to the MP3s on SoundCloud:

And here’s a scan of the cover art from the cassette:

Eclectic Surface cassette insert
Eclectic Surface cassette insert

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