2 Replies to “Oh, the beautiful Bible”

  1. Hi Brad,

    What I always finding interesting is how limited religious people are in the range of their responses. Their stock reply is “Well that was in the OT”, which of course just opens the door up to SO many questions:
    1) Well, aren’t the 10 commandments in the OT and Genesis, so you don’t believe in them?
    When say hem and haw and say yeah….., the follow-up is
    2) So how do you decided which parts are the “valid” parts and which parts are the “invalid” ones?
    and if they are still standing after this question, the grand finale is
    3) Well what does it say about a god who supposedly is perfect, everything he does is perfect, that he had to change the one document that he gave to humankind?

    Keep putting the good word out there (by which I mean “freedom”)

    1. Good points.

      When I suggest to them that they’re being very selective about what they notice in the Bible, I’d just like them to acknowledge that fact. Some actually do admit that, mind you, but they’re the ones who already understand that the Bible is a human book.

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