My drama with Axe Music

Can Axe Music regain my trust?  We’ll see.

On about November 19, I placed an order with them for some stuff I was planning to use for my band‘s New Year’s Eve gig.  I kept checking my mail but the stuff didn’t arrive.  Eventually, I went back to the online store to see if I could figure what was going on.  I found the order and saw that the status of the order was still shown as “Processing”.  What the hell?!

I sent them an email through their web site’s “Contact Us” page to ask for an explanation.  After several business days, I’d still heard nothing.  So, I went to Facebook and posted a message on Axe Music’s Facebook page as well as on my timeline and in a regional music group.

Here are copies of the correspondence so far:

Me (Facebook):

(I also sent the following message through your web site’s “Contact Us” page but, after my previous email to you went unanswered, I am not confidence that anybody is actually reading the email.)

re order #[order number]

Not a happy customer! It’s been several business days since I sent an email asking about an order I placed in mid-November and which was billed to my credit card but which still has not arrived. I still haven’t heard from anyone at Axe Music/

On your web site, my order status is still shown as “Processing”. Why has nobody contacted me? Are you trying to tell me that I should take my business elsewhere? (Facebook):

Brad, I will look up you order in the morning and contact you with details.

Me: (Facebook)

I’d appreciate that.

Overall, I’d prefer to keep doing business with you guys but your online customer service really needs to be stepped up a couple of notches if you want to be taken seriously as an online music store. If there’s a problem with an order, someone should be contacting the customer right away, especially if the customer’s credit card has already been billed, as was mine.

I was expecting to be able to use what I’d ordered at my band’s New Year’s Eve gig, which is why I ordered more than a month in advance. Obviously, that didn’t work out. One of my bandmates has similar problems with online orders from your store. Is this a problem that is going to be fixed or can we expect it to be ongoing?

Me: (Facebook)

I’d prefer contact through email, since I’m likely to be at work during your business hours. (Facebook)

That was my intention.

I also got this response from someone on the regional music group on Facebook:

“Jim” (Facebook):

Brad, I had problems with them too. Ordered a guitar amp on the internet and 2 weeks later, no response. Seems that you have to phone them to place an order – nobody there checks the internet orders! I’ve also received demo junk (sold as ‘new’) from them.

“Jim” (Facebook):

If you want to deal with a top notch music store, hands down best in western Canada, check out Sight & Sound in Terrace! Service is incredible, high quality name brand gear, fast delivery time, and very reasonable competitive pricing. BTW, I’m NOT affiliated with them so this is NOT advertising. Just a very happy customer who’s been dealing with them for many years.

Me (Facebook):

I should probably do that but I’ll see how this plays out first.

(I’ll edit this post to reflect new correspondence as it comes in.)

I got this response from Axe Music on January 4:

Hi Brad,

Sorry for the late email, I am swamped.

Your order was shipped from our warehouse Nov 20 with Canada Post Expedited Parcel, however the tracking number on the file appears to have been incorrect. I have my shippers tracing the order with CP, and I expect an answer on Monday.

I will be in touch by email as soon as I figure out what happened.

Thanks, [sender’s name]

Strange.  Awaiting further developments.  I emailed him back to let him know that I did receive the email confirming that I’d place the order but I did not receive an email notification  that the order had been shipped.  In the past, I have always received a shipping notice email from them which has included a tracking number.  I wait.

I received this email on January 7th:

Hi Brad,

Just heard from the shippers today, and it appears the order went to an incorrect address via Canada Post, and whoever received it in error kept it. We are looking into that, but in the meantime we are shipping a replacement order to you today.

My apologies for the error, it does appear that it was ours.

Thanks, [sender’s name]

Again, very strange but, I think, not unbelievable.  I appreciate that they acknowledged that they were in error and I await delivery of my order.


My order did arrive.  I have sent them another order since then.


The order I placed after that went smoothly.  Good price, good product, reasonable delivery time.

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