The Earthquake

I had my first earthquake experience last night.  Well, more or less my first.  One night a few years ago, I woke up from a sound sleep in the night for no reason that I could discern but, the next morning, I heard there’d been a small quake about that time.  So, maybe I felt that one.  Not sure.

We were setting up our gear for the dance at the Smithers Legion last night when it hit just after 8 pm. The speakers up on stands started swaying and we all looked at each other. “Are you feeling this too?” “Yeah, I thought was just having a flashback but this is an earthquake!” Nothing fell over.

It went pretty long — probably less than a minute but it felt like a long time. When it was over, I texted Sylvia, who was waiting alone in the hotel room. I asked her if she felt the earthquake. She said she thought she was just having a strange dizzy spell. “No, it was a quake!”

When I got back to the hotel, I asked the woman at the desk if she’d heard anything. She was reading news on her laptop. “7.7 off Haida Gwaii!” She told me all the land lines were down in our area; only cell phones were working.

I went up to the room.  On the way up in the elevator, I wondered whether I should have taken the stairs instead. Sylvia was reading texts and Facebook posts on her phone. She said there was a tsunami warning and there were evacuations in parts of Prince Rupert, Bella Bella, and other places. We were worried for people on the coast. Too bad we forgot to bring the laptop along.  I would have liked to get information from more sources.

The dance went ahead and we rocked the place — maybe not quite as hard as Nature had but our rockin’ and rollin’ lasted a lot longer. The tsunami warning was lifted.

The next day, the newscast on the radio says that no injuries have been reported. I haven’t heard of any serious damage yet, aside from stuff on shelves in some stores on the coast being thrown to the floor. They probably lost a fair bit of inventory. I hope they have insurance.

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