Ack! Runny dog poops!

Warning: what follows may not be for the squeamish. However, it may also contain some useful information for people who care for dogs.

I took my dog, Meeka, walking down by the river last night, off leash. Nobody else was around and she had a great time running back and forth and in and out of the water. Unfortunately, she got into a bunch of discarded old fish parts on the beach and ingested some of it before I was able to get hold of her.

She has a sensitive stomach and, so, this morning, she had the dreaded liquid defacation. Fortunately, she managed to let me know soon enough that I was able to take her outside before the explosion occurred. This has not always been the case and I’m grateful to have been spared a very unpleasant indoor clean-up today.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, so I know what to do. First, I make sure she has access to water. If she’ll drink, then things will probably be okay. If she refuses water and is becoming dehydrated, it’s time to call the vet.

Then, I fast her for about twelve hours, except for water. She can drink when she wants to.

Her next two meals are special – and rather bland. Cut up a raw skinless chicken breast, throw it in a pot with about 2/3 cups rice and twice as much water, cook as you normally would for steamed rice (1 part rice, 2 parts water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover, simmer for 20 minutes). I normally add salt and butter to the rice but not for this. It needs to be bland with not much fat.

While that’s cooking, I give her some pure canned pumpkin as an appetizer, maybe about 3/4 cup. The type of fibre found in pumpkin acts like a pretty good anti-diarrheal medication. Make sure it’s just plain canned pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling because, at this time, you don’t want her to have the spices and other extra ingredients you’ll find in pie filling.

I give her about half the rice and chicken mixture for one meal and put the rest in the fridge for her next meal, which I will warm up a bit in the microwave before serving. I offer her some more pumpkin for desert.

Fortunately, most dogs love canned pumpkin. Mine sure does. I’m not sure why. It tastes pretty bland to me. However, our sense of taste is largely dependent on our sense of smell. A dog’s sense of smell is for more powerful than a human’s so she’s probably enjoying things in that pumpkin that I’ll never even notice.

Note: I said she loves pumpkin. However, I discovered that if I try to give her a little bit with every meal, she starts to avoid it. I guess she gets bored with it if it’s always there. So, I now only give it to her when I think she needs it – like today.

So far, this approach to doggy diarrhea has worked very well every time with Meeka. I told our vet about it and she agreed that it’s a good way to deal with the problem. However, you should probably be careful about taking advice from random people on the internet. If your dog is sick, consult a professional.

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  1. Very good advice and I have resorted to these techniques from time to time myself. I have never tried pumpkin but I do know about it (none in the cupboard when I need it). I have at times not added the chicken just rice cooked in chicken broth depending on how bad my dogs ” Runs ” are and introduced meat later.

    I also wanted to say if your dog is showing signs of fever, listlessness, or pain go straight to the vet you do not want to treat your dog for a simple case of the ” trots ” and find out they have ingested something poisionous.

    Great Post to share and something any dog owner will experience from time to time

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