Apocalyptic Love

I’m listening to Slash’s new Apocalyptic Love album for the first time tonight. I downloaded the “deluxe edition” from iTunes a couple days ago (and, of course, promptly converted the tracks to high-quality MP3s to defeat the iTunes DRM) but haven’t had time to sit down and focus on it until now.  For a release I’ve anticipated as much as this, I wanted my first hearing of it be at a time when I was able to listen to it without distraction.

I’m not going to do a song-by-song review.  Others have already done that and Google will find those for you if that’s what you’re looking for.  At this time, I want to experience it without trying to analyze it.

I’ve only heard eight out of fifteen songs so far but I’m giving it a strong “thumbs up”. It’s guitar-based blues rock (with detours) featuring a brilliant rock guitarist and an amazing singer, Myles Kennedy, who co-wrote the songs with Slash. Kennedy probably wrote most of the lyrics.

Slash’s guitar sound is iconic, unmistakable, and appropriately dominant though leaving plenty of space for the vocals in their rightful place. Kennedy’s voice is as strong as Slash’s guitar and, where appropriate, is capable of combining that strength with an unapologetic emotional vulnerability that I think is more powerful than mere macho bravado.

Most of all, though, it’s rock ‘n f’n roll. Is that what I love to hear? Fuck yeah!

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