Microwaved water vs. kettle boiled water for plants – Part 9: Outside Exposure

April 9, 2012

The weather has improved enough to put the plants outdoors during the afternoon and early evening.  I’ll keep them in the shade for at least the first week or two, though, as they’ve not been exposed to unfiltered direct sunlight before (photo below).

I’m discontinuing the grow light. The natural light coming through the window at this time of year is probably sufficient and I plan to get the plants outdoors as much as I can, temperature permitting.

I’m still watering them from the appropriate bottles as needed but it seems reasonably clear at this point that it makes no difference whether or not the water has been boiled.  I’ll continue the experiment, though, until it’s time to move the plants outside permanently, probably mid-to-late May.

Getting some air
Getting some air

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