Meeka, the first two days

For the past several months, we’ve been looking at adopting a dog from North West Animal Shelter.  Yesterday, Meeka finally came home to live with us.  She had been rescued from a bad situation and was generously being fostered by Cheryl at Dog Digs kennels.

She’s probably a little more than a year old.  I’m told that she’s a mix of German Shepherd and Shar Pei.  She mostly looks like a Shepherd, though smaller than typical for the breed, but you can see extra forehead wrinkles when she makes certain facial expressions.  She’s a very beautiful dog.  (See the photos below.)

Cheryl did excellent work with Meeka but, as Cheryl herself said, what Meeka really needed was a good permanent home with a family.  Cheryl prepared me for the possible challenges and gave me time to get to know Meeka before taking her home.  Finally, she’s here.

Despite being very excitable, Meeka has a gentle nature but tends to be easily startled or frightened.  She’s very people-oriented and is getting comfortable here even more quickly than I expected.  She accepts the other members of the family and, of course, they love her.

A dog of her size and genetics is going to need exercise, so my plan is to get some all-terrain roller skates.  Until those arrive, I was hoping to gradually get her used to my mountain bike so I could give her a good run that way.  Because of her skittishness, I didn’t want to move too quickly on that.

However, she was doing so well on her first day that I decided to see how she’d react to the bike.  I pulled it out of storage and presented it to her and not only did it not maker her nervous, she didn’t pay any attention to it at all.  So, I took her outside, handlebars in one hand, leash in the other.  She still seemed absolutely fine.  I got on the bike and did a little tour around the yard, still holding the leash.  She trotted along contentedly.  Down our quiet street and back, no problem.  Up the walking trail beside the highway, still good.  Excellent!

I got her a flying ring-type dog toy.  Our yard isn’t fenced so I rigged up a fifty-foot line, one end attached to her collar with a clip and the other end tied to a leash, which I held.  My stepson and I went out with her like that and took turns throwing the disc for her.  Fun!

Later in the evening, I took her on a good, long run with the bike, after which she rested until I put her to bed in the crate I bought for the purpose.

Day Two:

Morning.  I’d been wondering how she’d be overnight but we didn’t hear any barking or crying from her at all.  I went down to see her.  She was laying down but got up when she saw me, her tail thumping against the side of the crate as I opened the latches.  I took her out to pee, brought her back in so I could have my coffee.

Shortly after, the granddaughter and I took her for a good run on bikes.  It could have been longer but we humans are stilling getting into shape; my legs were burning.  Meeka still seemed restless and seemed to want to play so I put her on the long line again and took her out to chase the disc.  My wife came out to join in the fun.

After Meeka tired of that, we came back in.  She had something to eat, something to drink, then crashed out on the pillows by my computer chair while I fixed myself breakfast in the kitchen.  As I type this, she still hasn’t moved from the pillows.  She periodically opens her eyes to look at me.  The second day is off to a good start.

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