Just another “religion of peace” comment on my YouTube channel

A YouTube user named kenzaki777 posted a brilliant bit of prose as a comment on my YouTube channel yesterday.  All grammar and punctuation is in the original.

Hey you ,,

Do you think that’s right when you made a video about Muhammad ? ! Do you think you are right when you put bad picture , and bad words about Muhammad and Allah ? ,

What’s your email ? and if you are a man give me your email , and i don’t like to dirt my mouth to you because you are a piece of shit okay , and you are sick dirty like pig eating shit , lick your shit after bathroom event , and don’t talk to much because your mouth is shit , and every things move on your mouth is shit shit shit . You don’t have to live , and you are coward like a small baby , and if you want to fight i will fight you because of what did you do , and i will beat you . I don’t want to talk too? much , but give me you email and i will talk to you pig

So, if I don’t give this raving lunatic greater access to me, I’m not a man.  How about this instead: if I prefer not to let you get close to me when you are very clearly an unstable and aggressive individual who is very unlikely to be open to rational discussion, that suggests that I have some respect for myself.

If I want to fight, this religitard will fight me.  But what if I don’t want to fight?  What if I’m able to differentiate between the category that includes words, ideas, humour, lines on paper, etc., and the category that includes pummeling, maiming, or killing human beings?  What if I’m clever enough to understand that no religious or political ideology is worth inflicting physical harm on any individual human being?

“I don’t want to talk too? much , but give me you email and i will talk to you pig”  Well, how could I possibly turn down such a generous invitation?  Not too surprisingly, though, it turns out that kenzaki777’s YouTube channel no longer exists.  I didn’t (and wouldn’t) report him but somebody must have.  So, I have no means of contacting this charming fellow directly.

[shrug] So it goes.

Thank you, kenzaki777, for providing yet another example of why I regard religion — especially the three “desert dogmas” — as evil.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear it. That’s why I give the warning Jesus is a big deal to me and swear words are not. I want evenroye to feel welcome here, so out of respect, I let you know where I stand right at the start.

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