A few thoughts about biblical literalists.

In a way, I feel sorry for strict biblical literalists. They have chosen to follow rules laid down by men who had very little understanding of what the universe is really like. It’s their choice but it’s an unfortunate one and they’ve made themselves intellectually and culturally poorer by it.

However, I have no compassion for the professional biblical literalists such as Ken Ham and Ray Comfort. They’re out there fleecing the sheep as well as they know how. They’re skilled at exploiting the ignorance and fears of the scientifically illiterate, the poorly educated, and the wilfully ignorant.

You’ll notice that I haven’t said that the biblical literalists are necessarily stupid. Some are, obviously, but most probably are people of at least average intelligence. Some are really quite smart. Humans are consistently inconsistent. Even highly intelligent humans can be fooled into believing nonsense, especially if they are introduced to that nonsense at a very young age and especially if that nonsense is accompanied by powerful emotional manipulation. Religion enthusiasts tend to be rather good at emotional manipulation, i.e. emotional abuse.

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  1. Hi Brad – I suddenly realized I’ve missed your posts. I’m guessing I’ve been too boring, or political, or revealed my Philistine roots or something. You are a stern judge, in keeping with your own roots. I often sensed your frustration with the mess we used to work in to which I know I contributed. I always chalked it up to your artistic temperament and appreciated you for the level of professionalism you brought to chaos. Glad to see by your continued output you are well.

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