Election 2015

Nathan Cullen lawn sign

Yes, it’s true. I’ve abandoned my principles. I plan to vote in the next Canadian federal election. That doesn’t mean I’m any less cynical about electoral politics, though. If anything, it means I’m even more cynical.

I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Stephen Harper. I don’t like or trust either Justin Trudeau or Tom Mulcair or, respectively, the Liberals or the NDP. It’s just that I dislike and distrust Harper and his Conservative cronies even more. I’m sure that I’ll eventually come to loathe the man who takes his place just as much but it will take the new guy some time to establish himself. So, for a while, his influence and power will be less than Harper’s is now.  (Yes, it will be a man. We all know that there is no chance that Elizabeth May will be our next prime minister.)

In the riding in which I live, the non-Conservative candidate with the best chance of winning is the NDP’s Nathan Cullen. So, on October 19, I’ll cast my ballot for Cullen. I will try to console myself by thinking of it as a vote against Harper.

However, for my friends who stand firm on refusing to vote, I offer support in the form of this video I made some years ago:

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  1. Ah yes, this explains it. I get your frustration with the political process. But wasn’t feudalism so much worse? Or Theocracy? I think, if we were truly civilized, perhaps we could design a system that worked along the lines of biology, with feedback and automatic self-correction, but there would still be the constant and natural evolution of system bugs to deal with. Don’t we just have to keep exposing and rooting out the crooks and sociopaths?

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