My #XplornetSucks Story

So, I’m trying to cancel our Xplornet account. We now have access to an internet service that is faster and costs about a third as much. So, it’s time for a change.I check the website, which provided an email address to use for cancellations. I send the email, complete with all the relevant account information. They email me back to inform me that I need to phone them. So, I phone them.

After a ten minute wait on hold (not bad), I reach a customer service representative. I explain that I need to cancel. She is pleasant and efficient. She is required to ask the reason for cancelling. I tell her. Then she asks the usual kinds of questions to confirm that it’s actually my account. I give her the information. No problem.

Then she informs me that she needs to transfer me to the cancellation department. What? They have a separate cancellation department?

I wait. And wait. And wait for about another 45 minutes, listening to crappy canned music that cuts in and out, periodically replaced by white noise. And I wait. Finally, an automated voice tells me that they value me as a customer and they are sorry that I’m thinking of cancelling. The voice instructs me to leave my name, account number, and phone number after the tone and they will call me back to resolve the issue. It’s pretty clear that they’re going to try to convince me to remain a customer (not going to happen).

At this point, I’ve been on the phone for nearly an hour, most of it on hold, only to be told that I now have to wait for them to call me back.

I wait. And wait…

If I wasn’t already quite clear about why there exists such a hash tag as ?#?xplornetsucks? I sure would be now.

Update: more than two hours later, no call. Maybe tomorrow?

[I’ll update this as it unfolds]

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  1. Well, lol… did you get rid of the shittiest provider out there? Funny I was in the Dominican Republic this January and the wifi is better there!

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