Hey, America, figure it out

Hey, America, you need to get this figured out.

Your police are killing your people in record numbers. The natural consequence of this is that more of your people will start killing more of your police, which will inevitably result in your police killing more of your people.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Now, since I’m not American, you might say that it’s none of my business. However, stupidity that happens south of the 49th parallel tends to creep north of it, often at an alarming rate. So, please, see if you can get this figured out really soon because the northern creep of this stupidity is already well under way.

2 Replies to “Hey, America, figure it out”

  1. White people are apparently too busy being racist and whining about the cops being “innocent until proven guilty” to give a shit, according to my Twitter experience on the subject.

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