Evidence for the Resurrection? Ordinary vs. Extraordinary.

Some years ago, I had a debate via email with someone regarding the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. I seem to recall that he was a Christian chaplain in the U.S. military with the last name of Huger. I only remember the name because that is also the surname of the fellow who wrote this charming piece: jhuger.com/kissing-hanks-ass

Moving on.

I pointed out that the evidence for Jesus having existed at all was not of high quality – eg. the complete lack of contemporaneous accounts and the fact that the purported eye witness accounts are anonymous and were written decades after the events in question were supposed to have occurred and, even if one were to accept them as eye witness accounts, eye witness accounts are one of the least reliable forms of evidence.

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Grub Rescue


Yesterday, I updated my Ubuntu installation (dual boot, with Ubuntu on one hard drive and Windows 7 on another) from 12.04 to 14.04 using a “live” DVD.  Everything appeared to go smoothly during the installation except that some of my third party software couldn’t be saved.  No big deal.  I can always download and re-install.

However, when I rebooted at the end of the install, it came up with a black screen and two words I’d never seen before: grub rescue.

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