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A Recipe for Creationism


Main ingredients:
1 part sincere belief
1 part willingness to lie to protect sincere belief
2 parts denial of any evidence or facts conflicting with sincere belief
2 parts desperation
2 parts wilful ignorance

A pinch of “You will burn in hell if you don’t believe!” – adjust to taste.

Mix well. Spew at will whenever evolution is mentioned.

(Amendments to the recipe are welcomed.)


  • “You will burn in hell if you don’t believe!” suggested by Anne Squires-Dorsey on Facebook
  • denial of conflicting evidence suggested by Blooórt Goðrúnarson on Facebook.



Just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s good for you and just because it’s “artificial” doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.  Besides, unless you’re running around on the African savanna hunting gazelles and dodging lions, how “natural” is your life, really?