“Before” and “Outside”

Any question that has to do with “before the big bang” or “outside of our universe” (those two are the same thing) has the same answer: I don’t know and neither does anybody else.

Everything anyone says about “before” or “outside” is necessarily speculation because we don’t know anything about that and we might never know anything about it.

Now, not all speculation is equal. We can speculate on the basis of beliefs that have no grounding in reason or testable evidence (eg. religion) or we can speculate starting from that which is strongly supported by evidence and reason.

However, even if our speculation starts from a sound, up-to-date, scientific understanding of our space-time continuum, we have no way of knowing to what extent, if any, the physics of “the universe” we inhabit is similar to that which may or may not exist outside of it.

By the way, this renders the Kalam Cosmological Argument, and all other First Cause arguments for theism, completely impotent.

Sorry, William Lane Craig, but your best-known defence of god-belief is, quite obviously, a non-starter.

Merry Christmas.

Stop Enbridge

I strongly oppose the “Northern Gateway” pipeline and I don’t trust Premier Clark to stand against it. Obviously, I don’t trust Prime Minister Harper to reject it, since he’s already practically promised it to the Chinese government.

Ultimately, it’s going to be up to those of us who actually live in north-western BC to stop this bullshit. It’s probably going to get messy.


Got my flu shot

I got my 2013 flu shot about ten hours ago. I have just a bit of muscle soreness, near the injection site. No other symptoms. This is normal. If I get the flu this winter, I’ll let you know.

Edit: almost two days later and no adverse effects, which is what I expected.


My web site was recently compromised by a phishing bot and, as part of the disinfection process, everything except the database got deleted.  I’ve re-installed WordPress and improved the security.   All the posts and comments are still here (they’re stored in the database) but it’s going to take me some time to restore all the images.

Sam Harris – Morality and the Christian God

Sam Harris challenges the notion that religion – specifically, Christianity – provides a decent basis for morality.

It’s pretty good. One quibble would be that it could be argued that the Bible doesn’t actually support the doctrine of Hell as a place of eternal, tortuous punishment and that that doctrine is actually a post-biblical invention of the Roman Catholic Church and later adopted by most other denominations.

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