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Anti-Gay Russia and the 2014 Winter Olympics

People of good conscience are boycotting Russian vodka, as well as other Russian exports, as a way of protesting Russia’s new irrational, anti-gay (anti-human!) laws. My guess is that that’s a fairly reasonable way to express one’s opposition, although I haven’t examined it very closely – I could be mistaken.

People are also talking about boycotting the 2014 Sochi Olympics, urging their countries not to send athlete to the games. At first, I thought that was a great idea. Then, I remembered Jesse Owens.

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The nest at Lake Kathlyn

Today I stopped to take photos of what I’d always assumed was an eagle’s nest on top of a utility pole near the shore of Lake Kathlyn, by Highway 16 a little way west of Smithers, BC. I was fortunate enough to catch it with a bird in it and, whaddaya know, that’s not what eagles look like, neither adults nor young. That’s an osprey!

(Photos below)

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“Why are we treating each other so poorly?”

In the Facebook group, Creation Evolution Debate, someone posted this question:

“Why would a good god allow such horrible things to go on?” -Daniel Dennett

In other words, why would a good god allow humans to do such horrible things?

But why are humans doing such horrible things? Assuming for the atheist that any sort of god doesn’t exist, why are we treating each other so poorly?

At this time, this is what I consider to be a reasonable response:

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