Book review: The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America

March 30, 2013

Tonight, I finished reading Thomas King’s The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America (Kindle edition, on my phone).

I strongly recommend it.  King is primarily a fiction writer and a humorist and he brings that sensibility to this very serious nonfiction topic.  Not everyone could make that work but I think he does it.

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Intelligence and Honesty are Not Necessarily Enough

Humans are easily fooled and we easily fool ourselves. Intelligence and integrity are not necessarily a sufficient defence against being fooled, especially when the thing that might fool you is something that you really want to believe. There are many well-meaning, very intelligent people who sincerely believe complete nonsense.
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Forty-five years ago and a thousand kilometres away

What a strange sensation.  It’s a bit before ten in the evening and I’m taking our dog out for a walk around the block.  It’s March 20, the first day of spring and there’s about an inch of new snow on the ground.  Street lights, a degree or two above freezing, the night is quiet.

Suddenly, I’m struck that it feels like I think it felt when I was a kid growing up in the Fraser Valley when it would snow a few days before Christmas and I’d wonder whether this little bit of fluff could hang on until the twenty-fifth – or would we have yet another green Christmas?

But I don’t want the snow to stay.  I’m eager for spring.  The feeling was the same tonight as it was then, though.  [shrug]  The night, the light, and the weather interact with our memories in funny ways, sometimes.

For a minute, I was a kid in Chilliwack again but I’m back now.  I’ll remember how that felt but I’m back.  Bring on the Hazelton spring.  I’m ready.

Eclectic Surface

Eclectic Surface

I just uploaded thirteen MP3s to SoundCloud.  The songs are original compositions from a cassette album, Eclectic Surface, which I recorded in 1987 all alone with a four-track cassette recorder in the main room of my little log cabin in Two Mile, near Hazelton, British Columbia.  In converting the songs to digital music files, I added a bit of compression and tweaked the EQ just a little.  Nothing else.

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