Missing Universe Museum: sincere creationist site or parody?

h/t to Francois Tremblay

Some creationist web sites are obviously sincere.  They’re mistaken, of course, and they’re dishonest at their core but they actually mean what they say.  Then are web sites that are obviously parodies of religion.  But then there are those that leave you scratching your head.  Could anyone really be so intentionally distant from reality?  Is it a parody or is the author really as irrational and, well, stupid as he seems to be?

That’s my question about the Missing Universe Museum web site.  Is this a serious project or is it satire?  Is the author just foolin’ around?  Is this a manifestation of mental illness?  Other than religious fundamentalism, I mean.

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Merry Rompmas!

On Christmas morning, I took Meeka for a nice romp on a frozen lake.  She loved it.  She always gets more excited when we go somewhere we haven’t gone before and this flat expanse inspired her to run and play with great enthusiasm.

“Burst Shot” mode on a camera is a wonderful thing.  It enabled me to get this shot, which I most likely would not have been able to make otherwise.


The Christmas Story

When those anonymous authors of the gospels created their various versions of what we now know as the Christmas story, do you think they assumed that nobody would ever check the historicity of their tales and so they just made shit up (or, if you want to be more generous, embellished liberally) or would you say it’s more likely that they didn’t intend the stories to be taken as being literally true but, rather, were creating fables intended to convey a deeper meaning?

It’s got to be one or the other, y’know, because the events described simply did not happen as they are portrayed in those books.

Crazy Old Religious Asshole

I hate cancer.  I’d be very pleased if cancer were to be utterly eradicated.  Sadly, cancer doesn’t give a shit about how I feel about it.

My wife and I just got home this evening.  We’ve been out of town for a few days to see the surgeon who’s going to remove my wife’s cancer.  She had another blood test, an X-ray, and set up an appointment to get a bone scan (nuclear medicine).  We thought about things for a while and then told the surgeon which surgical option we’ve decided to go with.

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