The Earthquake

I had my first earthquake experience last night.  Well, more or less my first.  One night a few years ago, I woke up from a sound sleep in the night for no reason that I could discern but, the next morning, I heard there’d been a small quake about that time.  So, maybe I felt that one.  Not sure.

We were setting up our gear for the dance at the Smithers Legion last night when it hit just after 8 pm. The speakers up on stands started swaying and we all looked at each other. “Are you feeling this too?” “Yeah, I thought was just having a flashback but this is an earthquake!” Nothing fell over.

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“I’ll pray for you.”

Recently, I saw this image on Facebook, a quotation attributed to stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress, and I shared it with the heading, “LOL!”:

Hannibal Buress on prayer
Hannibal Buress on prayer

It actually did make me laugh out loud, hence the heading.  One person, who is a Christian of some sort (a rather liberal sort, as far as I can tell) and is both a “Facebook friend” and an IRL friend, posted this comment:

What if the person is your mother…. bet you do not put her down…;o)

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