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On not having children

I’m a grampa and I enjoy it but I cleverly managed to get there without procreating.  Let’s hear it for having grandchildren without going through all the muss and fuss of raising kids!  I don’t desire offspring, for reasons that are both rational and selfish, and, frankly, I have a hard time understanding those who do want to burden the planet with their spawn.

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Microwaved water vs. kettle boiled water for plants – Part 10: Outside Over-exposure

I accidentally left the plants outdoors too long one night last week and they took a bit of frost damage.  Each one has some dying branches (see the first photo below) but also new growth at the top (see the second photo below, from the same plant).  Plants in each group appear to have received similar damage and are recovering similarly.

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“Islamophobia: We need to accept the ‘other’”

From time to time, I post comments on news articles on The Globe and Mail news site.  The G&M lets people rate comments with a simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.  My comments generally tend not to be rated very highly but, for some reason, I recently got the most highly-rated comment on a particular story.  The article is titled, “Islamophobia: We need to accept the ‘other’“.

The comment I posted is as follows:

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Microwaved water vs. kettle boiled water for plants – Part 8: Pinching Back

All six plants have grown taller than I’d like.  So, I’ve pinched them back a bit (removed the new growing tip from each plant), something I learned about when I used to dabble in bonsai.  I also raised the light again.

The first photo below shows the plants before starting these procedures.  The second and third show a plant before pinching and the same plant after being pinched.  The fourth shows the plants put back in place with the light raised.

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The Three Amigos [fail to] ride again

“It’s being billed as a chance for North American leaders to discuss jobs, security and disaster assistance, but the elephant in the Rose Garden on Monday just might be drug policy.”

It bloody well should be.

“The Harper government is proudly prohibitionist when it comes to drugs, and Obama hasn’t shown much public sympathy for the decriminalization arguments.”

Are they idiotic or evil? I’ll accept either.

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