U.S.A. is a rogue state (stating the obvious)

They go to war without declaring war according to the demands of their constitution, they order and achieve the death of individuals without due process of law, they make a joke of habeas corpus, and so on. The U.S.A. has become but a shell and it clearly makes little or no difference whether a Republican or a Democrat is elected to the presidency. It’s almost as if they’re actually trying to encourage the anarchists and cynics.

Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager? Really? Has anyone who’s actually thought about it recently for more than five seconds taken it seriously?

Admittedly, arguing against Pascal’s Wager is cheap entertainment, like using the broad side of a barn for target practice. It’s dead easy. But doesn’t that make you wonder all the more why such a bad argument persists to this day?

I suggest that it’s because many believers who make a point of trying to defend their beliefs have not been equipped to argue rationally.  They don’t generally teach critical thinking in Sunday School (that would not be the way to put butts in pews, after all).  It seems to me that it’s an argument used by believers who are less interested in discovering what is most likely true than they are in defending their beliefs against the shocking reality that some people don’t believe as they do and, even worse, that some people think that god-belief is wrong-headed.

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