My #XplornetSucks Story

So, I’m trying to cancel our Xplornet account. We now have access to an internet service that is faster and costs about a third as much. So, it’s time for a change.I check the website, which provided an email address to use for cancellations. I send the email, complete with all the relevant account information. They email me back to inform me that I need to phone them. So, I phone them.

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Ah, January.

Ah, January, you’re teasing us, aren’t you, with your gentle melting and the soft drip drip from our roofs. You’ll not fool me. Not this time. I know what lurks around the bend. I know what you and February have been whispering about. This time, I’ll not be taken by surprise when comes the bitter cold or the snow that threatens to stay for good. I’m wise to you, January!

Grub Rescue


Yesterday, I updated my Ubuntu installation (dual boot, with Ubuntu on one hard drive and Windows 7 on another) from 12.04 to 14.04 using a “live” DVD.  Everything appeared to go smoothly during the installation except that some of my third party software couldn’t be saved.  No big deal.  I can always download and re-install.

However, when I rebooted at the end of the install, it came up with a black screen and two words I’d never seen before: grub rescue.

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Meeka’s second anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of our adopting Meeka, so here’s a little update.  She’s still doing well.   She’ll get a nice walk and an extra “Denta Stix” treat today.

She gets a high quality dry dog food, Happy Tails, which she loves.  Meal time is one of the highlights of her day.  She still gets to have off leash walks in the bush, the occasional chance to splash in water, and comfy places to relax.

She’s also still very photogenic.  Here are some pictures from the past two years.

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Meeka: the first year

There’s been so much going on in our lives lately that I missed commemorating the first anniversary of our adopting Meeka from the North West Animal Shelter on April 7, 2012.

So, here’s a short recap.  She’s much less nervous than when we first got her, although she really did settle in pretty quickly.  I suspect that it helped that I visited and walked her at Dog Digs several times before bringing her home.  She was probably about 18 months old at that time.

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Forty-five years ago and a thousand kilometres away

What a strange sensation.  It’s a bit before ten in the evening and I’m taking our dog out for a walk around the block.  It’s March 20, the first day of spring and there’s about an inch of new snow on the ground.  Street lights, a degree or two above freezing, the night is quiet.

Suddenly, I’m struck that it feels like I think it felt when I was a kid growing up in the Fraser Valley when it would snow a few days before Christmas and I’d wonder whether this little bit of fluff could hang on until the twenty-fifth – or would we have yet another green Christmas?

But I don’t want the snow to stay.  I’m eager for spring.  The feeling was the same tonight as it was then, though.  [shrug]  The night, the light, and the weather interact with our memories in funny ways, sometimes.

For a minute, I was a kid in Chilliwack again but I’m back now.  I’ll remember how that felt but I’m back.  Bring on the Hazelton spring.  I’m ready.

Merry Rompmas!

On Christmas morning, I took Meeka for a nice romp on a frozen lake.  She loved it.  She always gets more excited when we go somewhere we haven’t gone before and this flat expanse inspired her to run and play with great enthusiasm.

“Burst Shot” mode on a camera is a wonderful thing.  It enabled me to get this shot, which I most likely would not have been able to make otherwise.


Crazy Old Religious Asshole

I hate cancer.  I’d be very pleased if cancer were to be utterly eradicated.  Sadly, cancer doesn’t give a shit about how I feel about it.

My wife and I just got home this evening.  We’ve been out of town for a few days to see the surgeon who’s going to remove my wife’s cancer.  She had another blood test, an X-ray, and set up an appointment to get a bone scan (nuclear medicine).  We thought about things for a while and then told the surgeon which surgical option we’ve decided to go with.

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