You had a kid. Yay.

I find it impossible to honestly congratulate people for producing offspring. Sometimes I fake it for the sake of getting along but I don’t feel good about it. Yay, the human population is already way beyond excessive but you decided to add one more. Yay!

Soharwardy: “They should take on the responsibility…”

Headline: Prominent Muslim cleric urges imams to vet new Islamic converts


From the article:

 “I’m not sure who helped them to convert to Islam. Who was the imam? What kind of relationship did those people have with those people who converted them to Islam? Those very important questions need to be answered,” said Soharwardy.

“They should take on the responsibility of checking backgrounds and staying in touch and make sure this person is not being recruited by any radical organization or terrorist organizations.”

Soharwardy estimates 20 to 30 Canadians convert to Islam every week. He said it is the responsibility of clerics to make sure the converts are doing it for the right reasons.


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On Elections

Elections are distractions that make people think they’ve got some say while the real decisions are being made out of sight and out of control.  Call me a cynic if you will but it seems quite obviously true.

Stop Enbridge

I strongly oppose the “Northern Gateway” pipeline and I don’t trust Premier Clark to stand against it. Obviously, I don’t trust Prime Minister Harper to reject it, since he’s already practically promised it to the Chinese government.

Ultimately, it’s going to be up to those of us who actually live in north-western BC to stop this bullshit. It’s probably going to get messy.


The Three Amigos [fail to] ride again

“It’s being billed as a chance for North American leaders to discuss jobs, security and disaster assistance, but the elephant in the Rose Garden on Monday just might be drug policy.”

It bloody well should be.

“The Harper government is proudly prohibitionist when it comes to drugs, and Obama hasn’t shown much public sympathy for the decriminalization arguments.”

Are they idiotic or evil? I’ll accept either.

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U.S.A. is a rogue state (stating the obvious)

They go to war without declaring war according to the demands of their constitution, they order and achieve the death of individuals without due process of law, they make a joke of habeas corpus, and so on. The U.S.A. has become but a shell and it clearly makes little or no difference whether a Republican or a Democrat is elected to the presidency. It’s almost as if they’re actually trying to encourage the anarchists and cynics.