My #XplornetSucks Story

So, I’m trying to cancel our Xplornet account. We now have access to an internet service that is faster and costs about a third as much. So, it’s time for a change.I check the website, which provided an email address to use for cancellations. I send the email, complete with all the relevant account information. They email me back to inform me that I need to phone them. So, I phone them.

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Grub Rescue


Yesterday, I updated my Ubuntu installation (dual boot, with Ubuntu on one hard drive and Windows 7 on another) from 12.04 to 14.04 using a “live” DVD.  Everything appeared to go smoothly during the installation except that some of my third party software couldn’t be saved.  No big deal.  I can always download and re-install.

However, when I rebooted at the end of the install, it came up with a black screen and two words I’d never seen before: grub rescue.

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