You had a kid. Yay.

I find it impossible to honestly congratulate people for producing offspring. Sometimes I fake it for the sake of getting along but I don’t feel good about it. Yay, the human population is already way beyond excessive but you decided to add one more. Yay!

My #XplornetSucks Story

So, I’m trying to cancel our Xplornet account. We now have access to an internet service that is faster and costs about a third as much. So, it’s time for a change.I check the website, which provided an email address to use for cancellations. I send the email, complete with all the relevant account information. They email me back to inform me that I need to phone them. So, I phone them.

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Homeopathy = nonsense

Homeopathy is nonsense. There is no more scientific debate on that. The evidence is clear.

I do understand that some people have subjective experiences that lead them to believe in homeopathy. Some of these people are very smart and well educated but they need to ask themselves why it is that, whenever homeopathy is tested by methods that eliminate personal (subjective) bias, it utterly fails. Every time!

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AiG’s Statement of Faith

This is old hat to those of us who have been trying to address young earth creationism for some years but those who have more recently become interested in the subject might find it useful.

Ken Ham‘s Answers In Genesis organization has a Statement of Faith.   All who are involved with that organization, whether as staff or as volunteers, including Ham’s pet scientists, are required to agree to this statement.

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The Lying Dr. Oz

A friend of mine recently suggested that, if one is going to criticize Dr. Oz where he is wrong, one should also praise him where he is right.

No.  Oz is lying to people.  His education and intelligence are such that he cannot use ignorance as an excuse.  He is lying to people and he surely must know what he is doing.  His defence is that he is trying to give people hope.  False hope.  That is, he is lying to people.

Zap2it blew it used to be my go-to web source for TV listings but they wrecked it. They’re calling it “new and improved” but they took a page from the Microsoft manual and made it bloated and buggy. Looking for alternatives now. #Zap2it_blew_it