You had a kid. Yay.

I find it impossible to honestly congratulate people for producing offspring. Sometimes I fake it for the sake of getting along but I don’t feel good about it. Yay, the human population is already way beyond excessive but you decided to add one more. Yay!

Homeopathy = nonsense

Homeopathy is nonsense. There is no more scientific debate on that. The evidence is clear.

I do understand that some people have subjective experiences that lead them to believe in homeopathy. Some of these people are very smart and well educated but they need to ask themselves why it is that, whenever homeopathy is tested by methods that eliminate personal (subjective) bias, it utterly fails. Every time!

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W5 and the Pigs

The first part of the season premiere of W5 on the CTV network this past week was pretty disturbing.  It focused on one pork plant in Alberta where pigs were subjected to some pretty bad conditions and were cruelly abused by the staff.

One of the more disturbing aspects of the exposé is that inspectors with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, who were responsible for, among other things, ensuring compliance with animal welfare legislation, sometimes actually seemed to be complicit in the abuse in the worst case and negligent in their duties in the best case.

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The Harper Government approves Northern Gateway

Yesterday, the federal government of Canada announced conditional approval for Enbridge‘s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline which would move diluted bitumen from Alberta’s tar sands to Kitimat, where it would be loaded onto tankers which would then navigate the winding Douglas Channel, then go on to China.

This project has been opposed by hundreds of scientists, most of the First Nations in British Columbia, every environmental organization with an interest in the province, and a majority of British Columbians.  Why, then, has it been approved?  Alberta has bitumen to sell.  China wants it.  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has promised it to China.  The fastest and most most direct way to get it from Alberta to China is a pipeline across northern British Columbia.

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Stop Enbridge

I strongly oppose the “Northern Gateway” pipeline and I don’t trust Premier Clark to stand against it. Obviously, I don’t trust Prime Minister Harper to reject it, since he’s already practically promised it to the Chinese government.

Ultimately, it’s going to be up to those of us who actually live in north-western BC to stop this bullshit. It’s probably going to get messy.