Cat Stevens

I will never perform a Cat Stevens song. First, converting to Islam? That’s just stupid and that’s bad enough. But then he endorsed the fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Think about that. He agreed that a man should die because he wrote a book. A book! There is no excuse, there is no justification. Such a man has no morality. Fuck him.

“Hate This Mirror” – audio only

I still need to edit the video but here’s the audio-only version on SoundCloud. I’ll probably delete this post once the video is up.

[edit]  I’m not deleting the post but I’m warning you that the SoundCloud link will not be absolutely permanent.

Someone asked me who are the other vocalists on this recording.  It’s all me, folks.

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New Music Project

I’m going to try to upload at least one original song to YouTube every week.  These might be brand new songs or they might be new recordings of my old songs.

Here’s the first one:


The YouTube playlist for these is here.

If you’re willing and able to offer some financial support for this effort, anything you can spare would be most gratefully received.

Eclectic Surface

Eclectic Surface

I just uploaded thirteen MP3s to SoundCloud.  The songs are original compositions from a cassette album, Eclectic Surface, which I recorded in 1987 all alone with a four-track cassette recorder in the main room of my little log cabin in Two Mile, near Hazelton, British Columbia.  In converting the songs to digital music files, I added a bit of compression and tweaked the EQ just a little.  Nothing else.

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Apocalyptic Love

I’m listening to Slash’s new Apocalyptic Love album for the first time tonight. I downloaded the “deluxe edition” from iTunes a couple days ago (and, of course, promptly converted the tracks to high-quality MP3s to defeat the iTunes DRM) but haven’t had time to sit down and focus on it until now.  For a release I’ve anticipated as much as this, I wanted my first hearing of it be at a time when I was able to listen to it without distraction.

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On what has happened to North American Christian congregational singing

The one thing I  personally found valuable about the churches in which I grew up, apart from the very few friendships that have lasted since then, isn’t part of any church I’ve visited in the last thirty years.  They used to have hymnals in which the music to the songs was written out in proper notation, in four part harmony.  Most people who grew up in that tradition absorbed by “osmosis”, if not by study, the concept of harmony and gained some idea of what is signified by those funny marks that aren’t letters of the alphabet.  In many cases, there was intricacy and beauty to the music.  The singing of such hymns could sound glorious if the choir or congregation was motivated to put some oomph into it.

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