You had a kid. Yay.

I find it impossible to honestly congratulate people for producing offspring. Sometimes I fake it for the sake of getting along but I don’t feel good about it. Yay, the human population is already way beyond excessive but you decided to add one more. Yay!


Once more, I venture into the realm of the obvious.

We atheists are often asked about meaning.  How do we find meaning in life without God?  For an atheist, what is the meaning of life?  For me, the answer to that is pretty simple: meaning is personal.  There is no inherent meaning to anything; something only has meaning to the extent that it means something to someone.  When asked, “What does it mean?” one can reply, “What does it mean to whom?”

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On not having children

I’m a grampa and I enjoy it but I cleverly managed to get there without procreating.  Let’s hear it for having grandchildren without going through all the muss and fuss of raising kids!  I don’t desire offspring, for reasons that are both rational and selfish, and, frankly, I have a hard time understanding those who do want to burden the planet with their spawn.

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